February 7th, 2006:

Yes, I am still here, maintaining the site.  There are lots of updates I would like to do, and some that I have started, but have been pulled away from.  Of note, the RAAB female is still alive and doing well - as well as a 55-80 year old snake could be expected to be doing!  I hope that the issues pulling me away from working on this site (the State of Utah) will be resolved in a year or two, and I can put some more effort into sprucing up the site, adding detailed photos of scalation features, describing current scientific endeavors, etc, etc.  In the mean time, please consider donating to the costs of maintaining this site.

Update of March 10th 2003:

-   The previous host of this site decided to abruptly terminate hosting.  Thus, the purchase of my own domain and contracting a reliable host for the server space.  This has left me with a significant amount of server space that I do not use.  As I receive no financial benefit of running this site, I am seeking to sell the extra space for photo hosting, or if you would like an e-mail at Rubberboas.com, we can do that too. 


Update of November 2002:

-    Photos and discussion of Shedding

-   Discussion regarding Habitats including photos.

-    Uploaded copy of the excel spreadsheet I use as a Feeding Chart.


Work in progress/pages to be added in the near future.

-    Scalation features and how to specifically identify an individual Rubber Boa

-    Rubber Boas and the Law. Many jurisdictions where the Rubber Boa is native are restrictive in their laws regarding the Rubber Boa.

-    Expand discussion of caging (including racks) and substrate choices.


Prior Updates:

-    Hey, I finally got around to using a spell checker on many of the pages! So, there are still errors out there, but hopefully not as many.

-    Added several pages related to feeding of Rubber Boas
            -    Feeding of Rubber Boas
            -    Feeding of juvenal Rubber Boas
            -    Chain Feeding

-    Slight modifications and additions to Natural History page.

-    Life history of RAAB Female#1 . Raab Female #1 was found in 1971 as a very large adult. She is still alive!

-    Life history of Adair Female #12 . She was born in 1984, and severely scarred when 10 years old.

-    Addition of short discussion regarding housing Multiple Rubber Boas in one cage.

-    The Photos Page has been rearanged slightly to make it easier for those with slow connections by breaking it up into individual pages. The Photo Index page used to have all of the thumbnails on one page. Now it has links to seperate pages by photo type. Be sure to click on photos of interest to see a higher resolution image, and read the narative given.



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